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    Dear Abi (Dad)

    You have always been in my life
    And never leave
    Since I was born
    You had raised 11 of us
    I am so blessed for what you did to this family
    You had work really hard so we can have food to eat,
    liquid to drink,
    clothes to wear
    Shoes to cover our feet when going out
    You’re funny, smart, nice and understandable
    You give the best advice
    And just tell it how it is not meaning to hurt others
    You can see the truth before anyone else can
    You can be mean at times
    And especially when you are watching football ?
    You can be so loud when your team lose or win ??
    But you have a big heart inside
    That can easily be broken
    But no one can tell because
    You are good at hiding it
    Things has happened to you in the past
    You had lost your son
    Ummi (mom) divorced you
    You had two wives
    And four step children
    And now whatever had happened in the past, you are still moving forward
    Now you have only have one wife
    Which is my stepmom

    I may not listen to everything you say because sometimes I just don’t agree
    But I do appreciate you and love you
    Even though I don’t tell you my feelings
    I know that you know that I love you
    You truly care about your kids and want them to be successful in whatever they want to be

    You’ve make mistakes and want us to not make the same mistakes as you did
    When you found out that I can write poems you were amazed and said that you couldn’t even write like that
    And told me that I am good and keep going
    At that time I didn’t think my writing was any good but when you and some others had told me to keep going, had motivated me to write more

    You may not be the best father but you are an amazing one.
    I am so grateful to have you
    I love you Abi
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    My dad

    The one who help my mom to take care of me
    The first male I saw when I open my eyes
    The one who taught me who God was and introduced me to Islam (my religion)
    The one who I sometimes look up to
    The one who gives a lectures that is very inspiring and had motivate me
    My dad is no other but my father