• fromwitchpen 18w

    //Sheeri mizaaj h woh
    Hr Drd ka ilaaj h woh
    Koi dilkash si kahani h woh
    Khushiyon ki ravaani h woh//

    Zulfon se hi teri ghaayal hue hain hm
    jo mili hain tjhse, woh khushiyan kamaal ki

    Sath guzare un lamho ko,shab o roz yaad krte hai
    Jo sath tmhare krte th, woh mastiyan kamaal ki

    Door ho kar bhi paas kitna ho,
    Hmnafs teri wafadariyan kamal ki

    Teri baaton mein hi ulja rehta h qalb aaj kl,
    Woh haseen apni, yaariyan kamaal ki

    Kahin doob na jaaun tere darya e mohbbat mai,
    Hr shay deti h sadayein, teri kashtiyan kamaal ki

    {Ps: we know it's not good enough... But sorry yrr we r busy with our exams and all .. see you soon Safiya missing you ✨♥️}

    (Afrah + Adeeba = Afeeba)

    /I may not know you but you know me better than myself /
    @someone_you_know I love you. Happy birthday ❤️��


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    love and moonbeams wreathed in a canister
    of faded dreams I sewed seams of heaven
    with submerged combers of hell
    And You
    whispered lullabies nonchalantly in my ears
    while kissing the vapours of my tears

    winter and melancholia where cold coffee seem blued in stumbled snowflakes which
    once cowped on my fingertips burning me
    And You
    were there to engulf me in ur warm embrace

    books and wisdom when I felt all gray pages
    in my life's journey
    And You
    filled colors in those pages gifting me smiles and similes with love .