• sheenacatherinebelle 5w

    Like a First Snow... ❄️

    It's my first time,
    Every beautiful thoughts been raising,
    Magical feelings set up into my veins,
    A song without an halt is playing with the best of all.
    I'm huming your name,
    You're like a dream that come alive incredible,
    You saved my life again,
    It's like a fairy tale,
    Where all my worries that perished into ashes.

    Like a second chance,
    The way I see things got changed,
    It feels like I've been rescued,
    I've been set free,
    I'm hypnotized by your destiny,
    You're magical, lyrical beautiful melody,
    You are my first snow.

    This First Time,
    Will be filled with wonderful memories,
    Music to my heart that's what you are.
    You're the song that goes on without an end.
    You chased away all my worries,
    With a smile that's unforgettable.
    And it feels like my First Snow,
    I'm synchronised by your magical, mystical Love...