• amyers 19w

    When was it?

    When did you stop loving me?
    Was it when I fell apart in front of you?
    Was it when I told a white lie for the first time?
    Was it the first time we had bad sex?
    Was it when I made something awkward?
    Or when I overreacted?
    When did you fall out of love with me?
    How long have I been lying to myself?
    How long have you been lying to me?
    When did you stop loving me?
    When was the point that you'd had enough?
    When did you give up on us?
    When did you leave our bed~ where dragons fly?
    When did you check out?
    When did the stallions stop running and fall to the ground?
    When did we run out of steam?
    When did you stop loving me?