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    Hello @writersnetwork it's been long, since i tagged you! :)

    I know the challenge is over, but i promised her to participate, after i finish up with my novel ( it's #TheBestManSeries if anyone wants to read it!).

    So yea, here's tagging her challenge account! @luvnotes_challenge_host

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    Past L(if)e!

    Who might you have been in a past life?

    If i were to believe, just like you, to have lived a life in the past, i imagine to be born as a guy, with an immense longing to feel how it would be to live like a woman, who doesn't need to work, or struggle and gets everything by men. And may be, that's why, I'm born as a woman to acknowledge what all they go through all their lives.

    If i were to believe, in my past life, i imagine myself in the tattered shoes, or may be walking on the rough lands barefoot, since I've respected the invention of footwear more than anything else, and i absolutely love my comfortable sports shoes.

    If there was any past life of mine, i imagine myself to be overburdened by my appetite, that i had to put my passion away for mere survival, since the only driving force in my life is passion to achieve my goals, even when there's no external force. I fear failing in making my career more than anything else. It's like what if i couldn't make it, that keeps making me work my ass off!

    If i were to believe, anything about my past life, i imagine myself to be a taker, of goods, and feelings, because all this life, I've been on the giving side. A giver of money, advices, notes, work, friendship, happiness, and second chances. It's like paying off the debts, with interests.

    And, lastly, if i were to believe in any past, i imagine myself to be an orphan, or someone who couldn't receive true love, for my life revolves around people who shower me with their immense love, in every form, of family and friends, to which I'm absolutely grateful!