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    by Carolyn Glackin
    I'm glad that you're at peace, dear friend
    In a world beyond tomorrow
    But here we struggle with the loss
    And grapple with such sorrow

    Here we wonder how we'll fill
    The space your absence left
    For the silence in that empty space
    Has rendered us bereft

    We're struck here by the echoes
    That once your laughter filled
    And we still await your writing
    In which you were so skilled

    Our eyes look for the comments
    You so graciously did pen
    And I, for one, cannot accept
    That we won't see them again

    For our hearts, it's hard to fathom
    That you're forever gone
    As endlessly we seek you
    With the coming of each dawn

    Here you touched so many lives
    And brightened up our days
    You made this world a better place
    In countless little ways

    Yet, it seems that for some reason
    One that perhaps we'll never know
    The Lord saw fit to call you home
    Too soon, you had to go

    For the death knell hath been tolling
    And the hour grows e'er late
    'Twas nothing we could do
    To stop the hands of fate

    There's a bright light up ahead now
    As a soft voice calls your name
    And as you take leave of this world
    Things here will never be the same

    But in our hearts you'll live on
    And in our thoughts you'll stay
    For the blessing to have known you
    Was worth this pain we feel today

    Lo! Heaven's gates now open!
    Oh how the angels sing!
    And there stand all the poetic greats
    To greet the haiku king.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 5/15/2021

    *Image credits go solely to the owner/artist.

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