• heather_ 45w

    Springs call

    Blossoms in the trees ,
    Gathering of honey bees
    Near the flowers ,
    Birds taking a shower
    In the fountain
    Frost free mountains.

    Offsprings are coming in the branches of trees
    The cold dead winter going with the hiss
    Sun shining brightly in the sky along with clouds
    Children screaming loudly in the joy of getting away from the bounds.

    River flowing ,
    Birds chirping,
    Clouds yelling,
    Sun shining,

    Caterpillar turning into butterfly
    Little sparrow having its first fly
    More blue getting in the sky
    The dreams becoming more high

    That's what spring feels like
    The aura of spring making me hype
    Shattered pieces of my heart
    Getting together again
    I feel like I am being born
    A G A I N !

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