• dhivya_diyal 101w

    This ain't love

    If you fell in love the moment your eyes met each other,
    You thought you were meant to be together;
    You lost yourself in her smile,
    You could be wrong,
    This ain't love!

    His messages made you smile instantly,
    You wanted to see her constantly;
    She never knew the depth in his eyes,
    You could be wrong,
    This ain't love!

    You try to impress and dress,
    Yet, it would turn into a mess,
    You gifted each other lavishly,
    You keep expecting more selfishly,
    You've lost yourself back,
    You could be wrong,
    This ain't you,
    This ain't love!

    You feel comfortable with him,
    She'll shed tears and you'll swim,
    You haven't held her hands,
    You don't look for a chance,
    There's no need to rush,
    Perhaps, Maybe, no;
    This indeed is love!