• raghavendran 5w

    Full Circle

    Full Circle

    I am a small brook
    From a small hole
    Atop a tall mount
    Ever clad in snow and mist;

    I wend my way down
    Dale and vale,
    Cliffs and gorges
    To find my own rhythm
    In the vast plains below;

    Wider and wider I become
    As I snake along the plain,
    Huts and hamlets I cross,
    Cities and towns too,
    To join the ocean mighty
    And lose my own identity
    As a river broad and wide;

    When the sun heats up
    The unceasing waves
    And sends up clouds grey
    That floats above the mount
    And descends in a curtain of rain,
    I start flowing again
    From the self-same mount
    Where I was earlier born
    And the cycle once again starts.

    Raghav R