• the_boy_who_overthinks 58w


    To the people curious about your life.......
    share with them your dreams and wants,
    that home with a farm,
    where you toil for the cattle and grain.
    Go for walk before the rays grace your door
    with your four-legged friend.
    Write emotions in words and remember poems
    and speak in love and ecstacy.
    Kiss with your eyes closed, make love beneath the stars
    and marry under the mistletoe.
    In a circle of the people you adore be happy and blessed
    pop open a Daniels, light up a Cubeb and reminisce.
    Do things that make you sing and ready for the day.
    Go for walks alone and sit on a rock to let the sun set
    as the moon rise wish these flowers goodnight.
    Cook food to feed the soul rather than the gut
    pair that Carbonara with a glass of Pinot Gavi;
    Don't think about opinions of others who won't matter tomorrow,
    because who care will remain with you through highs and lows,
    Be true to Yourself and Life will be true to You too.

    -The Boy Who Overthinks