• _pen_section_ 108w

    The colour

    While living my early days
    I could hardly utter a word
    But colours present in nature enlightened me.
    Every colour bought a smile and different images up in head and I created a whole new world there .
    Parents gifted me a colour box
    They didn't have a idea ,
    These colours will bring such a joy to my face.
    With time I grew up
    Analysing everything I found something really horrific
    That terrified my inner artist which was about to born.
    I could see how peoples are specific about colours,
    From my drawing sheets it went to my skin tone .
    Slowly slowly they made me realise your skin tone is only that matters.
    Now they're abusing a colour
    The day will come when they'll abuse nature, the texture it has , the beauty it encompasses.
    What can be more heinous than this ?
    A half group of peoples are facing inferiority complex .
    Never thought this beautiful colours will create a chatoic environment.
    People are ready to kill eachother with no regret
    Soon everything will become pale these lovely flowers will be colourless.
    The water will lose its colour .
    And with time it will lose its meaning
    I hope everyone will stand in solidarity with pain and agony.
    I had a thought one day I'll bring a canvas I'll paint it as such everyone will see the flow of my colours.
    But now my hand are freezed
    They are barely in a position to move
    Im afraid to move my hand over canvas .
    My unfinished painty will remain like that forever
    All my thoughts about colours are washed away
    Heart wrenching and breathlessness all around..