• shreyah 11w

    Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

    Dark records, red blisters.
    Prejudice pines to pave its
    path, preferences plunge
    into the depth of waters
    but as long as dead sea
    is alive, you'll stay afloat.

    Sarcastic similes, animals
    personified, equality roars,
    zoomorphism improvised.
    Some days, you're an elephant,
    some days, a giraffe, other days,
    a monkey or obviously, a hippo!

    What blooms beside Eiffel
    is no less than that planted in
    a slum. If only the world turns
    blind for an instance, irrational
    judgements would take a back
    seat and beauty will sail oceans
    to be felt all across.

    Wear a blindfold and erase
    the concepts of inferiority
    and superiority from the
    volumes of your dictionaries.
    At all, if you can, question—
    "Why does beauty lie in
    beholder's eyes and not heart?"

    ©shreyah || 20-09-21