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    I guess every time I think friendship or a friendship day, my mind instantly reminds me of those six people who taught me what friendship really means, who showed me what friendship actually looks like when looked at closely. So, this is a tribute to them, to those friends..

    Dear Pheobe buffuay,

    Or should I say miss Regina Phalange? or may be Princess Consuela Banana Hammock? You taught me how to live life. Your so called mom killed herself when you were a child, your step dad was taken to jail, all you had in the name of family was a twin sister who was nothing but a disaster. Yet, not for once did you take off the smile from your face. And if it hadn't been for you, Ross and Rachel would never be together. I admired you all through, but you know the moment when you agreed to be the surrogate mother of your brother's child just to fulfil his with of being a dad, a part of me bowed before you. For you knew how heartbreaking it would be to bear children for nine months and then give them up, yet you agreed because that would make your brother happy. Yes, that was who you were.. all the way. (Bdw, smelly cat is still my ringtone)

    Dear Rachel Green,

    Honestly, you were the most realistic character of the show. You began as daddy's spoilt princess and by the time the show got over, you were mommy dependable. Such a drastic change in a space of ten year and never for once did the change seemed forced. You are an inspiration to many, for you showed us how one can bloom when they are determined to achieve something. Yes, in the last season I began disliking you, for your period with joey, but now when I look at it I realise it was just a fling and it can happen to any of us. And that is what makes you so realistic. Lastly, the moment when you told the nurse "This baby will be called Baby Geller Green" my heart skipped a beat. I hope you are doing well with Ross and Ema, and I am sure Ralph knows you well by now.

    Dear Monica Geller,

    Or shall I call you Monica Gellaaahh?? Well I always feel you were the 'best' friend. For despite your OCD and the bossy nature, you were the glue that held the six friends together. I cannot forget how you took in Rachel even without giving it a thought. You were the friend for them all right through those ten years and I am sure way after that as well. You were the friend they could turn to.. always. Also you showed us how after all the pauls, and bobbys and richards, there comes a chandler.. the one who is not perfect in any way but makes you complete.

    Dear Ross Geller,

    The dinosaur guy, the divorce specialist.. okay let's be honest, you are a nerd. You taught us the things one shouldn't do if he wants to be happily married, JK. You know the good thing about you? You never lost hope, you kept on failing in relationships, not that it was all your fault.. yet you didn't give up, and see at the end you ended up with the woman you always loved but didn't realise mostly. And Ross, tbh YOU GUYS WERE NOT ON A BREAK.

    Dear Joey,

    Oopss sorry, I mean Dr Drake Ramoray. I am sure you are the character every guy wanted to be at some point of the show. The ladies man, the master charmer, the handsome hunk, yet the most trustable friend. The one who I feel could take a bullet for all of them. Even when you had this little thing with Rachel, you cussed youself and kept on telling youself that Ross is your friend. You even asked him to punch you, who'd do that? I never would. Bdw Trust me, I still am trying to perfectly say "How you doin?" so that I can use it to pick up a girl. Also, say Hugsy hii from my side.

    Dear Chander MURIEL Bing,

    Where do I start? Well, right in the first scene when you said "and I want a million dollars", I became your fan. You were the most relatable character, the way you used sarcasm as an armour. You taught us how easy life gets once you begin making jokes on yourself. Trust me, when you said "I am chandler and I make jokes when I am uncomfortable", every other socially awkward guy felt that thing. Yes, this is the reason we all love you, you are simply the best. You fought your addiction, you fought you insecurities, just to make the woman you love, happy. I honestly cannot stop writing about you, but I need to.
    So, Chandler Bing.. thank you for everything.

    Dear F.R.I.E.N.D.S,

    I never really was an emotional person, but on 6th may, 2004
    when the six of you placed your keys on the table and made your way out to central perk, for one last time.. A part of my heart broke down.

    Ps. Happy friendship day Mirakeeans, and pardon me for the length.

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