• aphroditenow 28w

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    Song of a Muse

    Tonight I won't sit still
    And let hands dig up the cold graves
    Or let the frienzied fingers carve out sadness
    In frost.
    Tonight I won't sit still
    And let the brush choose paints
    Or let the strokes stagger along the canvas
    I know some hopes are like deaths,
    Can be tasted only once.
    I know I have left the hope there in the dust
    Amidst million faces and million voices,
    Amidst million moments blurred with million images-
    Perhaps a kaleidoscopic dream.
    I soak in the shades,
    My eyes can no longer tell apart crimson from scarlet.
    The canvas reminisce about beautiful flowers,
    Insane with fragrance.
    Insanity lures me.
    I tear through the canvas.
    I trample the blank sheet.

    A fresh page.
    A fresh start.
    I know some hopes are like deaths
    And death visits life only once.
    Tonight I will resurrect love.
    Tonight I will grasp the sun within the glint of slush.
    Tonight the mad woman would find her lost love.
    Tonight the mad woman would cry in deep delight.
    Tonight it would rain to the rhythm of dulcimer.
    Tonight I will glean joy-
    A lovely, innocent joy;
    A joy that would smell of childhood...