• diyabedi 30w


    It was a dark room
    Melting with the tears
    The sea was crashing
    The sky was grey
    Weaving voices in poetries
    The wrath of a young girl
    Didn't you hear the screams that day?
    Didn't you see the scars?
    The scars on my body
    The scars on my heart
    The scars on my character
    You did blame me, didn't you?
    I knew something was happening
    I knew no one will care
    If you found my body in some dark room
    Bleeding and Naked
    Just know it's still not late to fight the world
    Do not hide it under your guilts
    My body gave up a long time ago
    But my soul is still alive
    To see the justice and the laws to change
    I am just no one but it can be your someone
    Trapped in the cage, I scream to fly
    Yearning for justice, my soul will cry
    The trepidation will no longer flow in your veins
    When justice will walk in the streets of pain
    The wrath of a young girl
    Will give several some relief and smiles
    The sky is blue
    The sea is calm
    It was a bright room
    Build with scars

    //And so I breathe with hopes of change
    ©Diya Bedi