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    @the_lost_melody This is for you Di❤
    I cant really thank you enough for everything.

    @writersbay Told you I had one person to write about!

    /The lines in brackett are from Badr Shakir Al-Sayyab/


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    She is fire in lanterns leading home,
    magic in words, syrah in pain. She is
    glimpse of paradise, soft pat at my
    back and shelter in drenching rain.

    She is courage in battles, daffodils
    rising at horizon. She is starlight in
    dark, butterflies guiding to the exit
    and glimmering beauty of night.

    She is zephyr of tea gardens, engulf-
    -ing the tress to sleep. She is ground
    for autumn leaves, traces of eternity
    and warmth to demons that weep.

    /Her eyes are like palm-groves refreshed
    by Dawn's breath or terraces the moon
    leave behind/

    She is camellia of a mothers crown, a
    fading unicorn in heavens. She is the
    pink tint in rues, scars of battles and
    tape of bravery that hold the weapon.

    She is ecstatic twilight, the beauty
    and the voice of moon giggling above.
    She is an angel for devil for once she
    taught him how to love.