• moitreyee 18w

    Killer ! Killer !
    Look in the mirror.

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    Leap a phrase, like fickle youth.
    Breath a phase, like bitter truth.

    Listen to what the wind says
    While it gushes down your veins
    and knocks off your shores,
    Until your vocals scream names
    that echoes back to you.
    Often you sound like the wind
    struck in your throat
    yet the songs are red enough
    to bear a wrecked melody.

    Listen to what the storm compels,
    in dizzy nights and frivolous noons
    when the sun drowns into oblivion
    and ruins starve in bits and parts.
    For all you feel is a raging fire
    flowing in you yet laughing at you
    As you stand before a mirror
    and your clothes shiver in terror.

    Amusing, a murder feels to you
    Yet your fingers tremble to accept.
    You're a villain of your own story
    That's how you lose a life, worth living.