• akankshya7 39w


    I was afraid of monsters. Crawling towards me as darkness eclipsed every shade of the sky into sheer nothingness. Void. Barren. I would drop my lids in hopes of palliating the discomposure brimming with conspicuous uneasiness. Till a sweet sleep caressed my lids and carried me along to a dreamland.

    Where things were as I wanted them to be. Where river flowed the way I wished and birds tweedled the songs I loved. Flowers bloomed in choiciest colours. Gossamer of butterflies hovering over. But what I never dreamt of dark!

    The day I realised I never did is the day I knew that was a trap. My dreams a sweet lie! In my world the most beautiful shiuli is trampled in the most brutal manner. And the nights are merciless maybe but they hold the truth and usher the belaboured bodies into the end of uncomfort. I praise the nights today for they don't sham comfort.