• kingdomdelight 19w


    Brilliantly Bright,
    Breathtakin', the yellow-mornin'-field
    Rapidly Rooster,
    one of a kind,
    penetrate, through his bedroom chambers
    Yodelin' bright-sunlight-rays
    bringin' the mornin'-cup-of-sunlight- glory,
    Fills, joyful, the-earthly-barn, with his tender delight
    Yellow-delightful-ducks, in a-bright-sunlight-row
    Obediently, swam on the daylight pond

    Givin' light
    Ginvin' day
    Givin' joy

    But oh, how glorious sun, had a-special-friendship-bond
    The midnight-Swan, who swam alone in the moonlight-pond
    Rare beauty, reflected her glory and eternal promise to the earth below

    Givin' light
    Givin' midnight-promise
    Givin' joy

    Both 'caught' by surprise,
    each day,
    breathless and overwhelmed,
    a slight glimse
    touchin' the hem of the other,
    Oh, how beautiful both rare garments!

    Givin' light
    Givin' meanin'
    Givin' joy

    A friendship without a warm hug ur a rare kiss
    Just a complete god-given-admirin'-cycle of a whole beautiful day

    Givin' light
    Givin' joy
    Givin' godly-given-purpose of bein'
    Givin' delight
    Givin' meaning
    Givin' birth to the new
    Givin' us a sun and moon to enjoy