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    You ! Yes ,you .
    Where do you think you're going ?
    Don't go there...hush ..dont let voices show you that way.
    Try to shut down that paranoia.
    Try to clamp down that fear.

    You, did you dress pretty or naughty ?
    Were you drunk or coming on strongly ?
    Was the hem too high or morals too low ?
    He was innocent, but were you ?

    You, you watch that neckline ,you.
    Don't laugh with that colleague, no wonder he's lewd.
    You, you laugh but watch the intention,
    You smile, but ensure there's no repercussion.

    You, you shouldn't take the lonely roads,
    you better walk a crowded lane
    But if their hands find you nevertheless,
    Its just the crowd, I'm sure they meant no mess.

    You , you think I'm just a man ?
    Handing out these manuals,
    Of what you can't do or what you can ?
    I'm all of us, man, woman, society and clan.

    You, you whom they sat pretty and patient,
    I know you are simmering,
    But you, you need to wait.
    Let us take your bait.

    You wait, and you explode.
    In our faces , as we watch confused.
    What happened to all the manuals, what came of those smokescreens
    You, you probably, no, most definitely blew them to smithereens.


    Artist- Matt Talbert
    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @writersofmirakee @readwriteunite #pod @wordporn @mirakeeans

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    IG- gauranshi__inkspill

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