• lucy08 24w

    A Mundane Location

    "A Writer" has never been my designation
    Rather physics is my forever inspiration.
    My desk showcases a neat delineation
    Of organized plans and utter dedication.

    Here, I work on various computations,
    Prove complex mathematic solutions;
    Analyzing nominal stress distributions
    To make some innovative edifications.

    But when bored of these humongous calculations,
    I prefer diving into my plain imagination;
    Grabbing hold of a last page for versification,
    I jot my heart out for self-satisfaction.

    Though my workplace isn't my favorite location,
    But its where my musings turn into beautiful creations,
    And even this utterly mundane tiring occupation
    makes me feel closer to my slated destination.

    Cliched I guess?
    #place #wod
    Thank you @miraquill for EC (wasn't expected at all)
    Thank you @writersnetwork for your ❤

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    A Mundane Location