• heartsease 17w

    Maybe each one of us at the beginning found you as a celeb of here untill and unless we saw you as the kindest and most beautiful person inside out. We haven't talked much but now I miss getting Pods just to talk with you a little more, your writeups especially sonnets from sonnet queen I miss terribly, I love yellow colour for I found it radiates positivity from the day I met you. Thank you so much for being here.

    Happiest and loveliest Birthday Devika, may your life shine brighter than the sun and may all your dreams come true ❤️

    I still suck at writing birthday wishes, but I really adore Devika and Siddharth so the bg for you guys :)

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    Sangfroid Soul

    Despite of what rainbows plucked from your lips
    Etching roses bloomed on your cheeks lately,
    Vibrant poetries ebbed from your fingertips,
    Instilling syllables to sonnet gent(ly).

    Kindling pew tunes flaunted by summer,
    August welcomed monsoon to dance with you,
    Syllables flew out of veiled gossamer,
    Iridescent ink hailed to continue.

    (D) Dancing all along the feuillemort
    Heart of yours swirled betwixt surefire breeze,
    Ardently two souls walked paths nelipot
    Raveling stains of love on folded crease.

    To flourish yellow on sun-beams of hope,
    Hope, you flourished as sangroid soul to flock.