• unpaired_heart 24w

    It's so strange how affection works. The deeper the love, more is the unintentional manifestation. The beauty of the power is how carelessly it shows its colours, the possessiveness, the delicate care the multiple question in your head, the insecurities, the fear of living without that one person, the believe that the way you feel today is till the judgement morrow, the dedication and the promises to hold hands till forever.

    All these feelings burdened on three magical words- I love you, i recall.

    That's why it's falling in love, falling for a person over and over again each moment of everyday. When their voice soothes you, their breathe calms you down, their caresses enlive every sense of your body. And if I go on describing I will take me another lifetime maybe. And if it could happen twice, I would want to fall again.

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