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    | When poetries bring life |

    I wish I wrote the way I thought,
    like the "autumn leaves falling like pieces
    into place" bringing back vintage memories,
    like the silvery rivers which take with them
    a whole ecosystem brimming with life,
    like the gladiolus which beams to the sun
    adding illuminance to the daylights;
    but expression is a tough occupation
    unlike that of reclining imaginations.

    I'd write myself into nervous breakdowns
    and unsung elegies with elegance
    inviting the dark masquerading empyreans
    and their fluttering candyfloss clouds
    so that when they rain down again,
    they wouldn't smell of the day old treachery
    and resemble the fading constellations once more,
    for happiness is a priceless champagne
    which deserves plauds after every gulp.

    I'd write to the point of suffocation
    until all my emotions travel into the pages
    and drape their attires with imageric metaphors
    and align themselves into blank crevices
    like threads which conceal the blemishes beneath,
    so that when a heartbreak glances through
    the verses which hold my elixir of life,
    they would hold an euphoric epiphany
    and rather not decorate its abysmal nothing,
    for hope is a flower meant to glisten
    in a heart which only knows to wither.

    ~ S r i K r i s h n a P S | July 21, 2021

    > The first lines of each stanza is from the poem 'I wish I wrote the way I thought' by Benedict Smith.
    > The phrase in "----" is from the song 'All too well' of Taylor Swift.

    Thank you for the warm repost @writersnetwork ♥️ (79, 17) #skp_writes

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