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    Olav and Rachel drove in silence until they got to their hotel. They were too exhausted to say much until Olav said, ‘I'll go and shower now.’

    Rachel gave Olav a caring look. ‘Are you sure you’re alright?’ He looked wan and paler than usual.

    He smiled kindly. ‘I’m fine, My darling. Just telling everyone about…what happened took a toll on me. Once I shower and rest, I should be fine.’

    Rachel returned the smile and kissed his cheek.
    ‘Okay, then.’

    Olav almost went to the bathroom when he stopped at the window and froze. Rachel knew what that meant: he saw something or someone he recognized.

    She then stood by him and gasped at who he was staring at: Moki, standing down at the ground, staring up at them.

    ‘What do we do?’ Rachel asked.

    ‘Now is not the time to approach him. It is almost daybreak.’ Olav then turned to Rachel. ‘We both need to rest.’

    Rachel nodded, agreeing that she felt tired.

    Olav then kissed her before he went to the bathroom and she almost went to the bedroom when she heard a noise in the hallway. She then froze. ‘Who’s there?’

    There was no response, but she saw an unrecognizable pair of shoes. Out loud, she said in a shaky tone, ‘Look, I'm not alone. If you don’t identify yourself, I’ll get my boyfriend or call the police.’

    ‘There’s no need,’ said an all too familiar voice. ‘You and Olav should know very well I wouldn’t hurt either one of you.’

    Rachel’s heart then dropped. ‘Moki?’ Her voice came out in a whispered shock.

    Moki stepped into her view. ‘None other.’

    Rachel couldn’t stop staring at him as Olav came into the room.