• _miss_ink_slinger_ 28w


    I got my 2nd dose of vaccine today and felt very dizzy afterwards, not at all complaining about it. But I wasn't feeling good and was not in the mood to talk or do anything that requires movement. Until I moved my curtains at 5:46 or so in the evening and being such a 'look at the sky person' my heart suddenly felt a lot better ,the numerous colours with that tiny chunk of moon immediately pumped up my mood,so I thought why not increase the power of it. So I did my second favourite thing that's cooking ,not full fledged masala-tadka-chonk stuff but yeah I made momos ? Yeah...
    The point of all this rant is am feeling better,nothing to do with anything or anybody but just a person who got jabbed today.
    I guess it's the Covaxin talking.