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    @writersnetwork @miraquill Thank you so much for being such a big part in my journey . I mayhap will not be here to notify you what I feel bad here but I will be happy if you will give a shoulder equally to new and old writers. It's a beautiful passion which very few have and leaving it feels like killing oneself. Which I'm going through rn. Its hard . Very hard.

    PS. This account will be put on deletion on 19th of December till then, you can unfollow me and I'm unblocking everyone with a sincere apology to each one of you whom I hurted in any way around. It was all beautiful to be a part of this world, that kindness you all showered can never be ignored . My heart loves you all. And will cherish these memories forever.

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    Its ok to say a GOODBYE .

    As we all know time is the biggest destruction. It can bless you with the most resplendent memories later it snatch away your dreams and cut your existence in pieces, uncountable.

    Stepping in a heaven on Earth, it made me experience every emotion. I made friends, learned how to say greetings, fought with people, wrote my heart out and steadily I left an epoch behind.

    People left
    I cried
    Missed them
    asked them to come back
    I gave up

    Now I'm leaving
    someone same as me
    will try to do the above things.
    Please don't do that .
    Please .
    It'll only hurt you .

    When its time for a fire to douse no one can stop it . Same with me, my life is standing at such a lane where there are no turns to take I can't go back I can only step forward.

    That poet who lived in the rented house in my heart is breathless. He is at the door now, just waiting for my adieus.

    So here I'm saying an Adieu
    to my quill
    to my dreams
    to my passion

    The End.
    ©fromwitchpen (This pen name may soon someone will take over I know, just be polite with its meaning. My best wishes to you)