• raika_ 78w

    The city, at 2am
    speaks to you
    and makes sense
    more than people
    around you have

    you slowly slide down
    into an underpass
    and rise with the road
    and your mind dives
    into it's own
    little palace of gold

    you drive across trees and canals
    and take every turn,
    you've never taken before
    without a GPS
    you explore,
    the vastness, the beauty
    the peace

    the city tells you
    some tales about
    people and sunsets
    but most of all
    it lets you
    tell your own story
    as your car races towards
    the far away lights

    //the city at 2 am
    lets you be

    it lets you be
    you've never been
    allowed to;
    you've always
    wanted to be.



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