• smily_aina 84w

    Voice Unheard

    Sometimes I feel I don't exist anymore
    Do they not hear, why do they ignore?

    I stare at them after the question I ask
    And they persistently submerge in their task
    No change in expression, no nod of head
    Undeviatingly static, they turn me red

    Once, twice, thrice - I check to confirm
    Still these souls choose to keep mum
    Is there something wrong with my throat
    Or in their eyes, am I just a mote

    All these thoughts I try to repel
    But they relentlessly inside me dwell
    I doubt myself, like a broken flute
    And ask to God, "Am I really mute?"

    Sometimes I feel I don't belong in their eyes
    Why are their replies all replaced by sighs

    I shout their name to have them turn
    Showing their back, all hopes they burn
    All my vigour and liveliness wane
    With eternal silence they drive me insane

    Again and again I'm left unheard
    Up until my actuality disappeared
    Infuriated I raise my voice
    Yet again, I fade away as background noise

    Sometimes I feel I don't exist anymore
    Do they hear me yet choose to ignore?