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    25 Oct 2021 10.10 am

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    Bruadarach in the Battlefield

    Battlefields of banality beclouded brumous
    Rame ruminations ransacked 'round runes
    Crust of creation made cromulent with copies
    Core of it, chimerical cloudbursts croon call
    For a faileas of flame, fearful of foreboding

    In comes the ink slinger
    with an
    Irenic insignia of integrity

    Unbidden revelations and unsolicited reveries
    Voracious ventures of voluntary visions
    Wondrous weaponry of quill and quire

    Cloudwalkers, Lotus-eaters, Utopian seers

    Notions are notations eutonious
    Motives are metamorphosed minerva
    Verity vamoosed vile veils
    Nelipot virtuoso, nurturing nepenthe on
    Heartsleeves, a heart's-ease for cordolium

    Relentless raining thrills
    kneels at
    Renaissance raining quills

    Ephemeral sakuras 'mongst eternal spicules
    Euphoric effervescence emanating evermore

    // Poet ~ a Bruadarach in the Battlefield //