• scrawled_soul_ 68w

    Since the arrival of covid-19 , we have been suffering. So here are my thoughts carved into words!

    P.S. wear mask and maintain social distancing!

    Stop being abhorrent,
    Why putting lives on stake?
    Everyone prays for your abate,
    What will be your ultimate fate?
    From the new born infants to the ones in their 80s, you didn't leave any.
    Affected everyone's life abnormally.
    Oh yes! We've learner to live with you,
    But deep down we all want you shooed.
    At first some were sceptical about your presence,
    You made them sureby your literal appearance.
    People tried to recede,
    But you took them into your virtue indeed.
    I had never thought I would face a pandemic at this age,
    Corona, you did bring to us, our life's different stage.

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