• manasaa 27w

    Forgot how to write so posting old deleted post for writersbay's #unfoldc

    Speciality of this post: Orginally penned for writerstolli's challenge on 02.02.2020 which is a palindrome date. The second stanza is exact palindrome of first stanza ( i.e first word of stanza 1 is last word of stanza 2) yet both stanzas should make sense if read separately.

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    Indeed, music is panacea
    Mind reaches utopia
    verses rhyming like
    rhythmically beating heart
    Chords vibrating; fantasies unfolding
    Melody flowing; mayhem ceasing
    Earphone and eardrum
    connected together is bliss.

    Bliss is together connected
    eardrum and earphone
    ceasing mayhem; flowing melody
    unfolding fantasies; vibrating chords
    Heart beating rhythmically
    like rhyming verses
    Utopia reaches mind
    panacea is music, indeed.