• shreyah 10w

    Clearing the clutter :/

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    Of chaos and convolutions

    It's the end of falls,
    stop pouring, mate!
    I've been waiting
    at the crossroad,
    selling a pastel art,
    palpitations of my
    heart, a few songs
    that hurt, cradling
    stories tucked under a
    Levi's t-shirt. A gaze, so
    restless, lips fastened,
    lungs breathless.
    Feelings and eggs,
    rotting in comfort.
    What else shall I
    put on, a smile?
    Is that enough?
    Isn't it frightening how
    passionately do we
    make these mistakes?
    Defending our peace,
    placing pieces at
    stakes? Porous covers,
    misleading colours,
    over-grown regrets
    crashing over heads,
    bitter desserts following
    the wrecks. What else do
    you crave for, a story you
    could read or a story
    you could lead?

    ©shreyah || 16-09-21