• kairos_ 74w

    On days
    a part of her
    tiptoes towards me
    the other part
    cries for me
    when I'm wronged
    the house burns
    in her presence
    we dance

    Kissing me
    gently on the nose
    the feeling lingers
    on my hot head
    like forest fires
    coming out of nowhere
    blaming animals
    unable to run,
    trapped within my walls
    she stays by my side
    on the bed

    Drowsy eyes
    asked for a
    sip of cold peace
    her breath hot on my neck
    waged a war
    she takes me captive
    and we walk
    till I scream
    and she empties out
    just like my rage,
    bottled up,

    - T.S.

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    Power ragers.

    "I'm enraged at my rage,
    and this angers me, more."