• daphnae 25w

    Sit with me under the full moon,
    And I shall lace my fingers
    within the gaps among yours,
    Let you taste the miracles
    conspired in the moonlight.
    I shall narrate you the fables
    being told over the light years
    which ran across millions of stars
    clashing, engulfing, co-existing
    among each other.
    I shall name you my favourite stars
    and their story,
    the ones movies left abandoned.
    I found them rotting to the core
    at a parched corner of the sky,
    no one really notices.
    They survived darkness,
    by being a part of it,
    "the only way," they chanted.
    I embraced them into my
    weary, little notebooks
    and dipped them up to the bottom
    of my metaphors reeking nothing but
    the platonic love between pairs among them.

    Sit with me under the full moon,
    And I shall encase your shoulder
    with my head, while you sniff
    my perfume along with the night crickets.
    I shall fill you in with non-fictions
    about how my father was betrayed
    through the impeccable bonds
    he made in his life,
    how his swords rusted
    in the absence of the love
    he secretly wished to be known to.
    I shall point you the stars
    my mother lied awake to,
    when tears no more sufficed to
    bring back together the pieces of her heart.
    Of how broken souls find their way
    to each other's, as if eternally bound upto.
    Of how my ears starve of stories
    like these, of abandonment and sufferings
    mostly 'cause I know how every home
    hides a resembling story beneath.
    So sit with me under the moonlight
    and let me love you.
    'Cause this is my love language,
    unveiling stories upon the surface
    which couldn't reach
    the rest of the people I have known.

    (I am so sorry for being inactive. I love you guys)

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