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    Time !!!!
    Time is what we want most,
    But what we use is the worst.
    Still there’s a great thing about
    Time, that it changes…

    Time !!!!!
    Time is one’s friend as well as,
    One’s enemy at the same time.
    It totally depends on us,
    Whether to treat time as our enemy,
    Or as our friend.

    It was a beautiful sunny morning,
    I can hear faint chirping of birds,
    Golden rays of sunshine,
    Seeping in to my room,
    On October 30, 2021.

    Perhaps, Waking up to this
    Beautiful morning,
    While rubbing my sleepy eyes,
    I found a letter on my bed.

    At first, I got trembled seeing the letter,
    Then I opened it in a hurry,
    The first line of letter was as quoted,

    Though, it was a letter from my,
    Great grandson from the future.
    Further, the letter stated,
    "How are you, all is well here”

    You must be thinking,
    Is someone joking with you?
    How can a letter be?
    Arrived from the future,

    Actually, we all owe a time machine,
    i.e., how I send you this letter.
    There aren’t even schools here,
    Like in your time, we are self-sufficient,
    to study on our own.

    Flying cars are here,
    Which don’t even require fuel.
    Isn’t it great grandpa?
    Now here are 100 of millions,
    Artificial trees, which provide us,
    Cool and pure unpolluted air.

    We can even control weather by our own,
    And some of friends lives on planet Mars too,
    Now there are no oceans, all droughted up,
    We can create water for drinking by air itself.

    We all have a mini robot with us,
    Who use to help us on daily basis,
    My one named as “Micey”.

    No case of rape has been since last 10 years,
    B/c, women now have become self-defendant,
    And now we aren’t divided in name of countries,
    There is only, one nation, one government.

    There is only summer season here,
    Our gov. makes it rain once a year with drones,
    That why Camel is used to our national animal,
    Many species like tigers, lions became extinct years ago.

    Now the average life of humans is 120 years,
    Only & only B/c, science got much advanced,
    Now Copper is the most expensive metal,
    B/c Gold, Platinum & diamonds, got used up
    Years ago.

    Population of human raises to 10 Billon,
    Our Gov. even created a protective,
    Shield outside ozone layer to prevent it,
    From depletion.

    There’s even a deadly disease,
    Which got spreaded by harsh,
    Rays of the sun, nearly 2 million
    People died in it.

    Perhaps, the second name of,
    Time changes.
    I think, your time, your life,
    Is the best !!!!!

    Yours loving…

    Great Grand Child

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