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    Note: the poet isn't a human here
    The poet here complains about humans to lord

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    It was unbearable to curse spring by sending autumn, but then the limit reached when they killed bloom with the dagger of humanity,
    Yelled the celestial assembly
    I was also watching this scene somewhere in milky way ,That all of a sudden someone spit a dawn on the sky, Then all falled down
    Abode of stars too, Celestial assembly too, Me too We landed on the seventh verse of a poem titled as "weeps of  nobody's mother"
    Which said us that "this is the  garden which once emerged poets but now is  reigned by a drought" This also made me to shriek that
    Is this the same soil which once produced conquerers, who doesn't even leaved sky established their kingdom from nib to high
    How sad the scene was, Oh! Lord of two sunsets and two sunrises The heaven is painted with red hues And your perfections are murdering Roses on earth

    Ahh! Those were also my creation whose home fireflies came to borrow some shimmer
    Now the portrait of grief is painted such that
    The nightingale of peace is still calling the night
    But the moon isn't arrived yet
    The leaves of autumn are still burning the sky
    But the sun doesn't died yet.