• pj_animation 10w

    The was a time when you were hopeful
    And aimed to reach for the stars
    With unlimited amount of joy
    And fiddled with laughter
    Just like a toy

    There was a time you had unending smile
    Packed to brim with positive energy
    With eveeything touched vibrant
    To the world it was joy
    And to the heart love

    And this is the time it all feels a fantasy
    Like a dream that faded with time
    A joy that died in its own prime
    Faded away the ecstacy
    No longer vibrant

    This is the time the smile is upside down
    A frown that forms its own delight
    With a light full of darkness
    Closed end of the tunnel
    To shun the light

    There was a time you were hopeful
    And it was buried by shattered love
    There was a time you had unending smile
    And it faded across with the distance social
    This is the time it all feels like a fantasy
    This is the time when the smile is up-side-down

    Lost between the lines of lost hope
    Clogged within a mind of self-doubt
    Unfound within a beimmed daekness
    Scorched in a time-loop so saddened

    But with a beleive to rekindle once lost hope...

    #hope #soul #pj_illmind

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