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    [Audio Diary: Recorded Thoughts]

    # Audio 2- Encounters *** 25/8/19

    Hello! I just realized that I didn't introduce myself yesterday...haha. Well, is it really necessary for me to tell my name and age to you? Maybe...starting tomorrow we'll never meet again, so what's the use?

    I feel like, when someone doesn't know a person's name, they remember them much more clearly than they remember the person whose name they know. I guess that's because the unnamed person looms around their mind like a mystery...making them ponder over what their name could be and things like that. Named persons are many times forgotten...maybe 'cause there's no mystery left to solve.

    Funny, isn't it? We remember the encounters but not the one whom we had an encounter with. The remembrance part, according to me, mostly depends on what's more alluring; the encounter or the one you encountered with? Well then, bye. This time...I know what I said, haha. See ya!


    To be continued...

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    #Audio 2

    //we remember the encounter but not the one whom we had an encounter with//