• the_boy_who_overthinks 20w


    She wakes up to an hour of yoga
    He likes to run around the block
    She has a healthy bite tackling the day
    He preheats yesterday's dinner.

    As both closes the doors to their homes
    one walks up while the other down
    both reach the main corridor
    and gazes holding as the doors open.

    Strange is life bring people back together
    its been a decade since the last faced
    from lover to strangers with memories
    now to new neighbours someplace new.

    It was like the first time they set eyes on
    breath held and eyes locked
    oblivious to the world around
    lips quivering to that awkward "Hey".

    Begins to smodler; I hope which was
    thought dead to passionately come to life
    Giving both the busy lives to love once again
    a shot at Happily Ever After.