• dusky_dawn 31w

    Remember it's just a bad phase.This shall pass.

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    I ask. You ask
    Where's your mask?
    I sneeze, You cover your face with a scarf
    I stare.You glare
    I covered my mouth with the palm

    I ask. You ask.
    Where's your mask?
    I high on fever, You start to shiver
    I asked you to stay away. You stood with tears in your eyes and said "I"ll pray"
    I ran to the room and locked it and said "Remember it's just a bad day.

    I ask. You ask.
    Where's your mask?
    I couldn't breathe, You said "Calm down and believe"
    I asked you to not to touch. You held my hand and my shoulder witnessed a nudge.
    I cried when oxygen slipped into me and said
    "The virus taught me life is unpredictable so never hold a grudge".

    I ask. You ask.
    Where's your mask?
    I with the mask,You with the mask
    Sat on the grass
    Stared at the sky
    Smiled at the humans
    Cried for the ones who lost someone with the deadly virus,
    Believed that a cure is waiting at the end of the dark tunnel,
    Breathed the air
    The one that is polluted by the virus.