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    Time is measured on a clock,
    The past is a memory today,
    Happiness is not a lock,
    As the future is a dream away.
    Must it be, the way it is?
    Can I change what is to be?
    Is this my only destiny?
    Caught in a fantasy, as I open my eyes to my reality.
    How many times have I just let time slip and wait,
    To say 'I love you' or 'I care'?
    Often before I know it, it's to late,
    Time passes to show for my heart to share.
    Often I am misunderstood,
    Conforming to rules others set,
    As I just try to be good,
    For the flame is over, even before it began yet.
    As it is written,
    Innocent until we go swimming in the pool of humanity,
    Twice as shy once bitten,
    Is just the start of my hearts calamity.
    Scared, in asking, to late to soon,
    For in my life, there is no happiness.

    Strength of the spirit.

    For it came,
    Not at once,
    Birth out of me, from inside.
    As if blood within stood up
    To the fight,
    A bonfire inside me,
    The tip of mountain flew out my chest,
    To stand and be felt in the view of my soul.
    There it stood, tall as the night.
    Beyond the horizon to be seen.
    For my soul needed no climbing,
    As it looked down the mountain,
    Seeing my valleys of my life.
    I know not what was the cause.
    A low point of my life, something inside,
    Needed air, needed freedom, for me to survive, so it could survive.
    Knowing it would all right, knowing a calm,
    Eloped with my spirit.
    Nobody seen my heart bleed in the moon,
    Wanting for better.
    Strength came, slow as a soft light in
    The dark and my hands clasped the warmth.
    Giving me, hope.

    Many moons ago I buried
    my heart, not to be found.
    Encased in cement,
    Soil and roses on top..
    To give a false illusion I
    Still had one...
    Gone are the days of
    Happiness, joy and serenity...
    I never wanted to love again..
    The morning, I saw you...
    The cement cracked...the
    Breakable heart I had in a
    Unbreakable case...
    Breathed...again..it brought me
    A smile I forget how it felt....
    Buried underneath humanity in the cold
    Dark soil...my heart..started to live..
    In the cracks in the coffin of my heart,
    Your blood, your souls rich red blood...you..
    flooded me with life..
    Spending time with you, your eyes of beauty...
    My dead heart now comes alive,
    You came in as spring..to my dead winter...
    I now feel the hole in my chest where I ripped it
    My dear, with your tiny hands,
    And your blood you gave my heart in love..
    Please put my heart in my chest..
    See, it's yours now...as I am...

    Take my hand
    As you take my life
    I give to you
    Take my heart
    As you take my hand
    I give to you
    Into the night that carries us
    As wind that never stops blowing
    It's your love that blows me into heaven
    Looking at your eyes
    Feeling your skin
    Feeling tour kiss
    Feeling so alive
    Take my heart
    It pumps for you
    Take my kiss
    Passion into the fire
    Take my arms
    Wrap them in your soul
    Take my love
    For I would give
    My life
    For the one I love
    I see you, hidden in the smile of others.
    So clear, so crystal clear, my dear.
    Trying not to live in the yesterdays,
    Looking for hope in the tomorrows,
    Giving love today to others,
    Ignoring your heart with love.
    You know how it plays in life;
    You give and give, others take and take;
    Soon nothing is left, for yourself.
    The well runs dry of love giving others drinks,
    Yet you thirst, for the well is empty.
    My love, instead of dancing for others,
    Dance alone in the sunshine carefree.
    You see, if they give a small amount to you,
    You get happy...yet most don't give at all.
    Don't seek, others, seek the dance for you.
    Often the love I give, seems small,
    I ask you see it is love from me to your thirst.
    My love, grab your cup, let's drink to love.
    My well, full of love, for you
    The way she looked
    At the moon.
    Not asking or telling.
    Just listening to
    The language of
    The silver shinning.
    I see her beautiful eyes,
    And see the moon reflect off
    Her eyes...
    Incredible I tell,
    Just incredible.
    It make me understand
    What she does not say.
    She loves. She cares.
    In the madness
    Of the delicate touch
    You place on my face
    Within those hands
    Carry our fire and blood,
    As we have danced in
    Flames of love
    And covered in the blood.
    The night, this night,
    Echoes the madness within
    Your lovely fingers stretching
    To touch me.
    I remember those hands,
    Venom in a passion,
    Delicate in my sadness,
    As they make love to my skin.
    Let my mouth,
    Kiss them, to let you feel
    My fire and cold,
    Let me taste your
    Ice and heat..
    Let those sweet, little fingers,
    Rest on my chest..
    As wings to fold...
    No need to fly tonight my love..
    Rest upon me, with your wings..
    As time is so brief,
    If only for a moment, if only for tonight
    I have been aching for a kiss, a touch from you.
    Give me, give me all of your love.
    If only for a moment in time.
    That moment will be
    sealed in my memories.
    Let love flow in our veins
    come here, right now
    come to me, take me,
    love me.
    If only for a moment, if only for tonight
    show me your love.
    Show me your passion tonight.
    As you and I embrace
    I hold you, I hold you tight.
    Kissing you with fire from inside me.
    If only for a moment, if only for tonight
    make me your slave, make me your knight

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