• siddhu_writes 67w

    Why does breakup hurt?

    This is a million dollar question. Why does breakup hurt? Is it because you miss that person? Is it because the memories haunt you? Just step back and closely analyse this. Breakups don't hurt just because you miss that person. It is because you miss that routine you had with that person. What does that mean? It's pretty simple. You would have been taking to that person for the whole day. You would have started with the Good morning message from that person and the day would have ended with good night with that person. You would have related everything in life with that person. Happy or a sad news, you would have told them first. So, logically speaking, you miss these the most and secondly you miss the person. So when you try to move on, just look and analyse those routine and try to keep yourself engaged the whole day. Irrespective of the memories, if you are engaged happily the whole day, you could actually move on soon than others. To put it simple, fit something in your regular routine and you will starting finding the change in the process of healing.