• gladiator001 44w


    Before I say it is a lost cause
    and scatter my soul into trails of pain
    Into a prison I must fall from paradise
    I must learn from unlearned ways
    or be a ship wrecked from the storms
    or be paper boats diving into ponds
    or be kites torn by kites into a fateless flight,
    To tend my thrill to end some plight
    Or end all plights in convenient ways,
    But I must believe that suffering is a need
    and gather words that define a book,
    Or empathize with someone's emotions
    Or take advice that wise men left behind,

    Before I sign the treaty of my internal
    wars and undesired defeats,
    I must find cure for my shocks,
    and seek the path to my soul,
    hide from madness that struck me,
    Or witness the transition of kings turned to slaves
    I will take into consideration of what
    cannot be controlled
    and see the wisdom in what I was told,
    I will hold onto little hope and see it bloom,
    to take cognizance of my own destructions
    and build a nest which will be destroyed anyways

    Before I turn blind by looking into eyes
    Or dive into the deepest oceans of void,
    I will point to constellation of my doom,
    Or search myself in my own shadows,
    Build a mirror of my own inactions,
    By taking respite in false assumptions
    a jeopardy I nurtured for so long,
    But I will watch the tolerance taken from
    cradle to grave
    and invisible burdens that men carry
    and of expectations that cannot be met,
    I will ignore the possibilities of escape
    and endure hardships that all must face.