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    It's been a while, hasn't it?

    Dekurui wa Utareru, is a Japanese proverb, and it means, "the nail that sticks out, is hammered down". That is, a person who draws attention, draws criticism as well.


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    Derukui wa Utareru

    At times, I hear
    the footsteps of
    a thought in my head, creeping
    through the back door; an
    unwelcome guest.
    I don't think, I just
    exist, somewhere between this
    moment and the next.
    The torrents sink me; they take
    me away. I am not the
    captain of this ship; I might be
    just there to clean up
    the mess.
    The crew died long ago, and I
    alone live; courtesy of
    some loathsome God's spite.
    Like a dream, there is no steering
    wheel, and we might be
    headed off a cliff.
    Little matter. I might get to fly.
    Had I the wings; all I did was
    plummet from the
    tie-die sky
    like a rock chucked from a cliff.
    The wind, too, lies; I lie in a ditch
    dying, and it sings to me
    of a life well-lived.
    When, I ask; wasted
    my last breath too.
    There is an old saying in
    Japan of a nail and
    how it is hammered
    down, for the crime of
    sticking out.
    And I never saw anything
    apart from the inside of the