• prachii_ 48w

    It's long, but I couldn't stop myself! I hope it makes sense :)

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    Will you adore me?

    Between the ice cubes of liquor
    And the words of curse
    There exists some loud silence
    Which no one dares to wither.

    Oh girl! An early made lady!
    What brought you here?
    An idol with promises,
    Or a father with greed?

    Your flirting body, and empty soul
    Lips that caress a man's eager lust
    All speaks of your beauty, brazen girl!
    And still you bloom, shattered.

    You feel no voids, yet you have
    You feel no grief, yet you carry
    A sweet guilt, a bitter pleasure
    All makes you a woman of dreams.

    Leaving your heart aside,
    Where do you belong?
    In a man's bedroom
    Or some daily changing arms.

    Some glittery small money
    Is what it takes to die
    And not people know you by your identity
    But a street girl for ever!

    A victory of survival
    For one more day of agony
    While you fight the night
    For one more day of supper.

    Will you adore me
    For the memories I made?
    Until I reach the grave
    And then mourn for life!

    Does life holds nothing
    For the art you have?
    Or will you remain a whore of morals
    With no smiles to take?

    I will meet you once, on that same street
    And won't exchange words
    But just murmur some silent prayers
    To let flourish this sunflower again!