• childauthor_345 26w

    White pages do have an asset of dark poesy
    And white dove is escaping black lawns
    Pink covers tie itself in silky currents
    And here I'm waiting for another dawn , in you .

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    614th courage

    When spells concise
    She fetched a change
    Yet crossing by 3 squares
    I stopped just after your range

    Out of 613 failures ,
    I still look for a (your)smile
    I was so close that
    Thunder brought back the love ,
    lost in a while

    I've seen many markets
    And learnt recipes of pompous hope
    But how I ain't a unit yet , being aloof ,
    " Your" is a thread and "our" is a rope

    Again , I've no gold coins
    As fifteenth copper claims
    But the velocity of cheeky stardust
    Is what I aimed , what I aims .

    ~ aerogel floating over magical colonies .