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    Where are those hands of yours ?
    Not on my arms, their heart home.
    Tell me my love, do you search and search more?
    Trying to find peace and some light?
    Searching under the sky and over the banners of time.
    My love, in those hands of yours coming heart home to port
    In my care, your safety and wide eyes are missed.
    Oh how this power of your delicate hands on my face,
    Is in everything I do, missing you.
    Here I stand alone, here I dream of two, us, in the passage
    Of today into tonight.
    Your smile in my view, or just your comforted, I calm the seas for you,
    Here in my arms, I love you.
    Find your flowers of reds and greens and yellows.
    Seek the warmth of the sun in your tears.
    Come heart home to me love,
    For what you seek, I get when your in my arms

    Laying down looking at the skies above that tells me about us. .
    As I lie here, Your breathing in my air that surrounds me, If you weren't here,
    I would have no air, No breath, No life.
    I see the clouds,
    So much like your skin, soft, delicate, changing shapes, as if your
    eyes gave hints to who you are. High up there, As a gentle storm.
    Warm sunshine kisses my face, Tender as a smile you give, In the mornings, The smile as if in the night before, We made love, The place where we did, Go onto the skies, Flying from passion.
    Wanting, desiring to become lovers right now, Wanting to ride those clouds, Touching them, Softly, Until they the become loaded And wet.
    Wanting to know, If I made love to you,
    Would I be wanted
    And welcomed, Like a soft,

    The cries of the day in love. .
    As rain drops, falling, floating, dreaming.
    Here the sun goes to sleep covered by blankets of gray tears,
    Some happy, some sad needing to be shed.
    You and I, here, as the sky cries,
    get cleansed of blood and pain,
    Getting nourished for our starving hearts. .
    Over the oceans of time, into the air of emotion.
    As messengers, elegant wet clouds carry our hopes our
    dreams and stories falling on our skin.
    Little bubbles of dreamers landing.
    Upon the drops felt, among the moisture on my flesh,
    Looking at your potent eyes,
    We are vines clinging, climbing, living off each other.
    Tasting the sweet wine on your lips.
    These rains reveal, taking off any masks on me,
    who I am to you, my love for you, Simple, clear and warm.
    Of all the times I think of you and my love for you my love,
    is more then all the rain drops that ever fell.

    Bright eyes my woman of my death and creation,
    Red of red lips, the cold blade and healer of my blood, My fire and calming waters,
    You are the serpent and angel in one, written long ago for me.
    Into the wind across the waters I seek you.
    Into the pits of hell and gates of heaven I desire to enter,
    Wearing your robe of fire, jewelry of thorns and kisses, hiding the fruit of all the sweet fruits,
    I march beating death and birth and my hungry bones.
    You, a snowflake in the summer, a rainbow in a night. Hiding, masked of the Puma and butterfly, carved out of snow and sun.
    Into your valley I enter. Kisses among your garden for the harvest of the moon.
    Glory and fire looking eyes in your eyes, at the moment of my salvation and death.

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