• payal_dutta 178w


    Two years ago I went to Rajasthan. Being 62 years old I didn't have the courage to travel alone and so I chose a package under the Rajasthan tourism. There I met Aayush. He was about 65, the only passenger of my age group.

    Knowing that he was from Kolkata too added to my comfort and gradually we became friends. Our trip did begin. While the youngsters enjoyed themselves listening to Arijit Singh, we shared our headphones and played R.D.Barman and Gulzar. I didn't even realize when I placed my head on his shoulders until we reached our next spot.

    After lunch, as I opened my teeth to wash it, Aayush took out his phone, turned on something called Snapchat and clicked my picture. I was annoyed in the first place but later we both laughed out loud.

    As our day's package was coming to an end he played the "Janu Meri Jan" track for me. He told me this was his last trip as his son had decided to send him to old age. We shared our numbers and departed. Departed forever.

    Later I found him on Facebook and we chatted for hours. Suddenly he stopped replying and receiving my calls. He never mentioned the name of his old age to me. His last status read:"feeling ill". I was concerned and so I commented: "How r u?"

    Even today I go online waiting for his reply to come, but the user is never active.