• sanjay_writes 17w

    Upon the seas I walk
    my love has no sound
    she is somewhere else
    home and of solid ground

    Upon the seas I in pain cry
    my love its sorrow has no name
    I know her face
    her love is different, not the same

    Upon the seas of time
    my love, she will be mine someday
    I know her heart
    I will walk hiding my heart until that special day

    Upon the life I live
    You my dear
    make it worthwhile and to manage to love me
    Just for me as I just for you
    Now, understand I can live, without you
    but my life will not be the same
    It will be memories of us
    good and bad
    I need you, I feed upon your love and strength
    I live when you are in my heart, my world, my whole world
    I am alive, Very much alive with you
    I breathe your love, your soul, your tenderness
    I see the grass is greener right where we stand, where we are
    In our home, in our bed, in our life together, in a big warm hug from my heart
    You, alone believe in me, that is all I need to succeed
    to breathe free
    You are the best of my life, you are my life
    Thank you my love, thank you for being there
    for me and us, I love you
    Upon the life I live
    I live with and for you

    In the rains upon the waters
    Drops of my blood falls.
    I am who I am
    For I was nothing until I
    Was born in my mothers womb
    I shall persist in life
    Day by day, smile by smile
    Tear by tear
    Then persist back to nothing into
    The earth

    For in my life, out of nothing
    I came, to something. A soul
    I seen the death of the life and the
    Rebirth of a dead in humanity
    I understand
    Ways of smiles, cried underneath in pain
    The walk barefoot in life of hardness
    The language of the flowers
    The beauty of the child's eyes in laughter of innocence.
    Out of the nothingness, I became
    Sinner of the saints
    Upon these lands I walk
    Hour after hour with only my heart and soul
    For the worth of the man who lived
    As the sun dies and the night awakens
    To rest finally into the nothingness of earth
    My home
    my body

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